Motor running rough
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Author:  WARRIOR2291 [ Sat Jan 20, 2007 4:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Motor running rough

Hello everyone.

I really need some help on a problem I am having with my 82 collector. The other day driving home from work I noticed my car was not running right. It was running very rough. I kept getting a check engine light and it was very lazy. It started to run so rough I barely got it back home. I burned a whole tank of gas out of it on the way home from work when it was braking down.
After putting the tester on it for the check engine light. It was calling out a O2 sensor failure and running lean, I changed the O2 sensor, which was bad. I also checked the EGR valve and it was bad too it would not hold a vacumn. I got rid of the check engine light, but it is still really loading up with fuel.

I changed the spark plugs again and I changed the coolant sensor the one for the computer along with that I changed the ECM as well. But I got it started but its still loading up with fuel. Does any one have any idea . I am running out of service manuel for checks.

Some back gorund information as you know I put a new engine it about 3 months ago and it was running great. This is the first problem I have had since that change. I have done maintaince on the car as well I put new shocks ,new brake system, along with new hatch hinges and struts that Steve Simpson made for me. I have a new radiator, new hoses all new vacum lines new new cap wires plugs and new rotor as well. I have a new alternator, new smog pump, new A?C system converted over to R134. I have replaced the Hood Loruve relay as well. The problem I am having now with it loading up just started and it happend very quickly. I am really stumped on this one. Can anyone out there have a new insight that i may be missing..........

Steve F

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Author:  1MORTOY [ Sun Jan 21, 2007 5:09 pm ]
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Hmmm....pop the air cleaner cover & watch the injectors with the key on but the engine not running. See if any fuel is leaking or spraying...that would indicate a stuck injector.

Check the oil to see if it is saturated with fuel before you start up again. Just pull the dip stick & check for excessive fuel smell.

Start the engine & check the Injector spray pattern with a timing light. It should be a fine cone shaped spray pattern.

Keep us posted.

Author:  WARRIOR2291 [ Sun Jan 21, 2007 6:13 pm ]
Post subject:  82collector

Thank you for the comeback, I have done all that you say. The spray patern is fine and the I am not leaking any fuel from the injectors with the key on and not running. I am leaning more towards the fuel regulator. I am thinking the diaphram may have gone out on it. I checked the oil its clean and fresh and no fuel smell,

I have changed the plugs again also. All in all I have replaced the O2 Sensor, the Coolant sensor and the EGR valve and solonid along with that I changed the ECM as well.............. The EGR valve was bad not holding a vacum thats why I changed that. I rechecked everyting with a OBD 1 tester and had no codes. But when I was drivng it home I had burned a tank of gas in about 75 miles. I was getting a check engine light. When i put the tester on it it was reading a O2 sensor problem along with a lean code. i changed the O2 sensor and after changing the EGR valve and solonied. I rechecked again and had no codes. The Helms manuel said the next thing was the coolant sensor. I changed it and then rechecked again with tester and still had no codes. aFTER AWHILE THE CAR WOULD NOT START IT WAS LOADING UP .........

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